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Once your income starts coming in, you can continue receiving it from your initial setup.  This allows you to contribute more of your time to other things in your life that you may prefer over working.

How would you like to buy whatever you want, go wherever you want, and live wherever you want?  The information on this website can do all of that for you.   Now it’s your turn to start living.

Hover over the “About Us” button above and read the information to learn more about the Upgrade Your Life goals and strategies.

We know that once you taste the Lifestyle that you can achieve with UpgradeYourLife,  you will become hooked.

Thanks a million for your interest and please explore all of the offers, information, benefits and services available on this website.

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Harris DesOrmeaux



Important Legal Stuff!
No specific level of income is guaranteed. Any reference to specific levels of earning on this web site are for the purpose of explaining the compensation plan only and are not projections. Your actual income will depend upon the success of your marketing efforts and of those you introduce to the program and on the overall profitability of the company. Income is derived solely from the sale of products and/or services to end users. There is no compensation for recruiting. Affiliates may qualify to participate in the compensation plan without making a product purchase by making a sale to a customer. Customers may buy our products without participating in the compensation plan.