Debit Cards

NETSPEND:  Many people already have this debit card.  It is extremely popular and has many advantages. This card can also be used as a bank.  Matter of fact, it is a bank called MetaBank.  It can be used to transfer money into it from any place that buys bitcoins for cash and then transfer it to your bank.  You can also use it to autopay your bills and even a place to deposit your social security check.  NetSpend is the most popular debit card in the world and they have NO monthly fees. They do have an affiliate program.  They will give you $20 and give your affiliates $20 too whenever the debit cards are activated with a $40 deposit.  Everybody uses debit cards so why not get paid to join?

BITPAY:  The BitPay wallet has a tremendous advantage over most other wallets because it has its own debit card.  With a click of a button you can transfer your crypto funds in available cash for shopping, dining, or loading up your pockets.

NOTE:  If you have a debit card which you would like to offer to our UYL team please email me so we can discuss it.  Thanks.