Poker By Proxy


I am sure that most of you have heard the old saying…”The House Always Wins in the Long Run”.   Well, that “saying” is probably still true today, but WHAT IF you could play the casino games without betting against the casinos or the house???

Well now you CAN!  The ingenious people at Poker By Proxy are doing exactly that.  Poker By Proxy is not playing against the house, they are playing in tournaments and the house always gets a share of the tournament money, so they win every time.  It’s just whether you come in 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the tournament that determines your winnings.  

A good player can always beat an amateur or an average player and that’s what these guys purport to do.

Now you know how you and the house can both win with the Poker by Proxy strategy.

From looking at their past performances, it looks like they will average about 40% in profits per month.

This “income offer”  is 100% PASSIVE with the option to refer new members. 

Don’t let this extremely simple but profitable  money-maker slip by without giving it some serious thought.

Make sure to withdraw your earnings and get in profit as soon as possible with this type of program.

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