Julius Hynum


I have information on products that will help with Arthritis and Gout.

I can give you instructions on what will stop KIDNEY STONES with

a product you can buy in a food store.

I can tell you what to buy in a food store to get rid of CRAMPS .

I know these will help you stop the PAIN.

As a preacher, I have gathered this information over my 76 years of life

from my 94 year old mother, who got it from her her grand mother, who

was a full blooded Indian.

I have been giving this information away for free, and it has helped many


I would like to spend some time seeing the world the Lord has made,

before he calls me home. So I am asking for a small gift. I will send

you the information for a gift of only $5.00

Please help me. Do not give my information away.

Just forward my offer to others.

My PayPal name is jgh39@bellsouth.net.

My Solid Trust account gagehynum.

Be sure to give me the email address you want me to send the information to.

Thanks and God bless,

Julius Hynum




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