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KingUni …everyone has a mobile phone (or two) and the online gaming industry is huge and booming. Everything is going mobile now (has been doing so for some time) so the MOBILE gaming industry is a natural technological advancement.

Coupled to this, their comp plan is legit and very important is the fact that of all the programs, it offers passive members the most bang for their buck.

Passive members earn the most money weekly than all of the others, so investments are recovered the quickest.

There are also two other totally passive streams of income.

There are elements of the comp plan that both ensures that the bigger builders/recruiters are forced to help their downline (because they receive rank advancement for doing so) and also it literally forces existing members to take more and more positions under themselves (which ultimately keeps things building for everyone).

I will give a quick overview of the comp plan below but the above are some valid points to consider.


If you are honest to yourself in your analysis of all similar models, it is safe to say that with EVERY ONE of these programs, new money coming in (and whatever financial backing the program starts with) is what is used to initially pay out to the membership.

This is standard in all of these programs BUT the make or break part of these programs is what is to follow….Programs that have products with the potential to actually be marketable stand the chance of creating external income from the product itself which is what will then stabilize the programs when the ever growing membership becomes too financially demanding vs the amount of money coming in from new signups.

This is why the potential of the product is important as we can realistically see a mobile gaming industry being a booming one so without having a crystal ball, one can say that their risk/reward is good with a program like KingUni.


I am attaching a PPT to explain everything but for this I will split it into what’s in it for the passive members as well as what are the advantages for the promoters


3 out of the 6 streams of income in this program are completely passive.

1) Global Bonus Pool

Purchase a position and get paid a weekly income based on the level of position that you purchase

K1 – $599 one time – earn $40 a week up to $1000 return

K2 – $1149 one time – earn $80 a week up to $2000 return

K3 – $1999 one time – earn $160 a week up to a $5000 return

There is no recruiting needed to earn here and this is per position. Members can take multiple positions under themselves if they so desire to earn both the referral commission as well as the global commissions.

Also, this is just one of the three streams of passive income.

2) Binary Bonus

This to me is a bit misleading as it is not a traditional binary but rather it’s more of a 2x forced team matrix where the sooner one joins, they will inevitably get spillover as their matrix builds and they will earn either $10, $20 or $30 per member that falls under them depending on if this member that joins is a K1, K2 or K3.

Again this is completely passive and has to happen as in a 2x matrix.  It builds deep and not wide.

3) Lucky Prize

This is something different where it seems the latest news on this is that all members (regardless of if you are K1, K2 or K3 ) will be allocated 100 members each and you will earn $1, $2 or $3 prize for each of these members depending on if they join as a K1, K2 or K3.

Again completely passive so this program should find good favor with all the passive members but more importantly, with these 3 combined streams of income, a passive K3 member can realistically earn a nice ROI of over 20% per month without ever referring a single person if they didn’t want to.  This is a dream come true.


Here is where it gets very interesting so please pay attention so as to not miss the HUGE BENEFIT of this program.

Apart from the above (which all active members will also receive) there is also the following:

1) Direct Referral commissions

This is pretty standard where we will earn 10% on all the direct K1, K2 and K3 members who we refer.

2) RANK ADVANCEMENT BONUS ******* (This is the feature to retire on)

This is the feature that caught my eye very quickly as it can create huge incomes very quickly for those who strategically build their downlines in KingUni.

For those who can refer 3 K3 members, you move to the rank of RUBY and you then earn $200 a week instead of $160….This is standard as an active member will go out there and recruit as many K1, K2 and K3 members as possible so hitting the Ruby rank seems almost inevitable.

As a ruby you earn this until you hit a cap of $10,000

Now here is where it gets interesting….HELP those 3 K3 downline members to become ruby members (or they can each refer 3 K3’s on their own if they can recruit) and they move to Ruby rank and earn $200 a week and you move to SAPPHIRE RANK and earn $600 a week

As a Sapphire you earn this until you hit a cap of $100,000

Now you would have a downline of K3’s that looks like the start or a 3x matrix….3, 9, 27.

Help (or just structure a teambuild) so that all new K3’s don’t join under you directly but are strategically placed under the 9 new K3’s so that you now have 3,9,27 and this pushes the first 3 to sapphire where they earn $600 a week, the next 9 move to Ruby and start earning $200 a week and you move to EMERALD where you earn (and will continue to earn week after week) $2000 a week.

Emeralds have a max cap at $500,000

Finally, add 3 each under these 27 new K3’s to form 3,9,27,81 (120 total k3’s in your downline) and you move up to DIAMOND where from then on you earn $5000 a week with a max cap at $1 million.

Please note that this is PER POSITION and we can have as many positions under each other as we like.

IN FACT, we are almost forced to do so as for one we can have more than one position that moves up the rank PLUS, the 2x matrix in income stream #2 only goes 10 levels deep for a K3 member so in order to keep earning from that passive income stream, we will ultimately have to take more and more positions deeper in the matrix so that we can earn past the 10th level with these new positions.

Quite an interesting comp plan wouldn’t you say?

If you are looking for one program to just make one more big push with and have it create for you the sort of money that you want and deserve, then to me this is the one to focus on.


There is no denying that all the passive members we have in the program right now who are doing nothing are creating a serious strain on the system as you and I are but two people and we cannot create enough new members to make this work for all these existing karatbars members.

At the same time the program is a solid and stable one and we have no intentions of stopping but there is more than 1 way to get from A to B and we must now incorporate a new dimension to this team.

Existing KaratBar members have the option to join us in KingUni.

These people will instantly start to earn either $40, $80 or $160 weekly and just seeing money coming in will be enough to initially take their minds off of KaratBars. Also because they are in early they will benefit from the 2x matrix and the spillover of $10, $20 or $30 from each new member who falls in their matrix under them.

The returns from this program will for the very least allow them to recover their investment in KingUni and for the most part recover some or all of their investment in KartatBars depending on the level that they joined at.

Earning money weekly and seemingly for doing nothing will change their mood, recover faith in your leadership and hopefully also spur them into taking more positions (where they will now earn even more) or upgrade to K3 where they could then join our SPECIAL K3 BUILD.

For the K3 members, this is different as each K3 member will be individually placed in a strategic teambuild just for K3 members where we would obviously each be building 3/9/27/81 to keep benefiting from the rank advancements.

Our K3 members we will keep very close to us as we will have a special K3 Skype room just for these members as the name of the game is definitely all about RANK ADVANCEMENT.

Apart from any rank advancement, these members will make for the very least $160 a week with a cap at $5k which will also recover all of their seed money in both KingUni and KaratBars.


Just like I know you and some others who I value as not only online friends that I want to share this with and see you succeed and make money with, you too will know people that you feel the same way about this, I want to ensure that (as long as these people are willing to jump into a K3 position and take this leap of faith) then we will position all of them early so they are all but guaranteed rank advancements as well.

So if you want in with this plan please let me know ASAP as I am moving with this to start strategic placement of the K3.  Building a 3×4 to be guaranteed $5000 a week /per position for as long as this program is in existence is A HUGE DEAL to me.

Get back to me either way even if you are not interested so at least I will know where you stand.



P.S.  They already have bank wires in place for US members so they can deposit and receive money directly from and to their US bank account with no hassle at all.

For members outside the US, I am also working accepting STP and Paypal and I will transfer the equivalent of KingUni money internally to get people started.

Also, the 6th stream of income has not been explained yet but I think it will be some sort of company share but I will seek clarification.

I feel good about this one and of course I look forward to seeing us having a few positions each earning $5k a week and also for all of our collective downlines to be happily making money.

Hope you are on board.

Here are the Bank Wire Instructions to fund your K3 membership.  Only K3 members are presently being accepted until the official launch which will probably be in January of 2014.

Bank:  Bank of America

Address: 3131 Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109

Routing #: 121000358

Swift code:  BOFAUS3N

Company Name:  KingUni Inc.

Acct #: 501015923927

In comments:  Payment for KingUni acct ID (your KingUni Id #)

Upon completion:  email a copy of your bank receipt to