You can WITNESS history-in-the-making as AdsCash creates new millionaires and multimillionaires while their coin value goes from 2.9 cents price to $4.50 usd in the next 12 months approximately as per the roadmap designed by the AdsCash financial experts,


You can PERSONALLY BECOME one of those millionaires or multimillionaires by buying some of the AdsCash Coins now and potentially experience the price of the coins going up and up in your very own portfolio.  The choices are yours !

Let me give you a quick summary of what is happening with AdsCash

With over 400k reps now in the system makes them the biggest launch in 2017 in the crypto and biz opp niche

Membership is growing at the rate of 5k to 8k signups per day.   The action you take now will determine your future.

With expected pricing at about $4.50 usd in the next 12 months….you are looking at approximately 200x your money which to put it in perspective is $1k turning into roughly $200k usd.

In the next 30 days you will be able to purchase various advertising products like Banner Ads, Text Ads, Email Solo Ads, FB Likes, FB shares, more income streams, etc !

The next 12 months will determine your financial future forever !

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How to fund your AdsCash USD wallet with Bitcoins

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Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am very anxious for you to know more about this new venture because I sincerely believe that it will make all of us millionaires and beyond.
Some of you already know about this because you should be receiving updates from AdsCash (one of our portfolio listings).
But, for those of you who are not presently members with AdsCash…..let me share something fantastic with you….
Firstly, here are some important facts you should know about AdsCash before I share the upcoming opportunity with you.
1. They have their very own digital currency which started out at just 2.5 cents a coin and is now at 12.1 cents a coin (July 21st) and growing very fast.
2. The owner is very visible and he communicates daily with well written emails. He is not hiding like most other admins.
3. He is actively in the company’s Facebook Group where there are over 65,000 members.
4. The company has a number of actual physical locations and is looking to add scores more.
Then I received the following email from the owner of AdsCash a few weeks ago:
On Lines Of Taking AdsCash Circulation And Usage To The Next Level…..
For The Past few days we have been very very busy as we were in final stages of negotiations with a Private Trading Company who collectively manages a Trading Portfolio of over $100 million of high network individuals in the Crypto Currency Trading Space and are known and proven to deliver up to 300% returns and more on investment !
At this point in time we have brought them over and their traders will be joining our team shortly which leads to my next topic!
In 1 week from now approximately, we will start trading cryptocurrencies.
We created waves with the AdsCash launch as we went from scratch to over 400k members in less than 45 days.
This time we will double or triple the numbers and easily cross over 1-2 million members in the new platform…..
All of you awesome adscash people will have your data imported as it is along with your teams and you will be able to start marketing the new
system the moment it is live side by side marketing your current adscash system.
Treat it like another sales funnel which sells automated done-for-you trading and hence will easily double and triple incomes of everyone
involved here!
This new platform will offer done-for-you automated crypto currency trading solutions where our team of experienced traders will trade
and split profits with everyone involved .
We will be having daily numbers and proofs from various trading accounts which we have in our portfolio in millions of $$$ which will showcase
to the world that this is real trading happening and not some fake gimmick unlike many other trading MLM ventures out there…
We will also be posting weekly videos and take users inside our trading account  portfolio’s and show to the world what’s happening.
Exciting times ahead! …..  (and there was more)
Now, I could go on, but I think you get the picture.
I know that massive profits can be generated from Bitcoin Trading.  Some members are up 40% in just one week.
While there are other trading platforms in the market….NONE, that I am aware of are showing any Trading Proof.  Without proof, you are always in doubt.  Just to name a few….Gladiacoin, WalletPllus, BetRobot, and many others claim to be trading but they don’t give you the proof and in many more times than not, they disappear with your money unless you have a very strict investment and withdrawal strategy.
It looks like we will now have the opportunity to earn a lucrative income from the appreciation of their digital coin called AdsCash as well as making massive incomes from the Cryto Currency Trading offer coming shortly.  Both of these incomes will be generated by your membership with AdsCash.
Currently the AdsCash coin goes up .16 cents for every 3M coins sold.  According to his new posts about the new income source, that will likely increase to 1.1 cents for every 3M coins sold.  In other words, the second income source will cause the original income source to double.  Stop and think about what I just said.
Then there is the trading component where all of us (average people) will be able to build their Bitcoin and AdsCash Coin Assets through the automated trading which will be performed by REAL SUCCESSFUL TRADERS as PASSIVE INCOME.
For those who want to be active members and have the option to refer new members they can earn as follows:  Level 1: 10%, Level 2: 3%, Level 3: 2%.
So what do you do now?

1.  Register with AdsCash if you have not already done so.  Also login with the new trading platform call iCoinMarket.  I know that they are migrating the AdsCash Geneology into the new platform scheduled for as early as the first week in July.  Do it now!  You can login with the same login data that you are using with AdsCash.

2.  AdsCash coins are sold in bundles of 1,000 coins.  At the time of this writing that is just $121 worth of bitcoin. May be $137 by the time you get setup. This will insure that you are an active member before the new income source becomes available.  Note:  Do not submit dollars (only exact bitcoins from your bitcoin wallet)! Buy at least one bundle and activate your account but don’t deny yourself the opportunity to earn much more passive income  by buying more AdsCash Coins.  Note:  My coins have already gone up in value by 484% since I joined on April 1st, 2017.
3.  If you want to promote the business, go to where it says Marketing Tools and grab one of the several links to get to your folks.
4.  Email me at so I can add you to my mailing list to keep you updated with the newest news.  I want you on my team and I don’t want you to miss what may be the last program you will ever need to join other than for diversification.
This could be EPIC!