AGAM/Questa History

  • Founded in 2009 offline and came online 2013 and began working with networkers in 2015
  • The company currently has 10 branches in Europe – 4 in central Spain and 6 agency information centers.  Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, which means that it is subject to European law
  • Questa is involved investing in real estate, buying and selling of bonds, including shares of companies conducting initial public offering of securities on the stock exchange better known as (IPO).
  • Over 150 employees
  • You will be able to invest from min. 90 up to 5 Million
  • You will earn 4-6% weekly…. And they do accept Bitcoin!
  • You will earn weekly, every Friday
  • From 208% to 312% for ONE year with package
  • Commissions – 11 Levels from 5% to 15%
  • Additional: Earnings on the difference in levels
  • Bonuses starting at level 3 (1,000 – 500,000 USD one time)
  • Turnover summed up historically
  • The official representative of the Spanish
  • Written confirmation of the agreement
  • Insurance fund
  • Interest-free loan to buy a house or vehicle at level 8
  • Income due from each partner
  • Office Hours: Monday-Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 – Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Questra Business Presentation:

Questra Income Calculator: 

You may compound your earnings by buying more packages with your earnings to earn even more.


Step 1 – Click on Harris’ referral link –>

On the next screen it will ask you for your cell phone number, type in your country code, area code and phone number, with no spaces.

Make sure you see Agent ID correctly:      Harris   ID – P09201492449568

Step 2 – Click on ‘Profile’ scroll to the bottom and change your password and save.

Step 3 – Scroll back to the top and then click on the light gray bar that reads “Verify my e-mail.”

Step 4 – Open up the email they sent you and click on the link they provided to Verify your email address.

Step 5 – Finish completing your profile information

  • Driver’s license, ID or Passport (which ever one you will take a photo of and send in for proof), DOB, Country, State, City… etc.
  • Where it says ‘Nickname’, this will be the name your prospects will see when they click on your referral link to get registered.
  • Address – Type in your Street Address
  • Address for correspondence – Type in your Country, State(Region), City, Street Address
  • After you’ve completed filling in all your information, click on “save changes

Step 6 – Upload your Passport or Driver’s license or ID Card (which ever one your put in) and upload a Utility bill (Phone bill, Electric bill, Gas bill…etc.) to verify your account.  The documents must be a Photo shot and not an image.  It must be less than 1 MB. I just took a picture of the documents with my iPhone and emailed to myself, size large and it worked.  Make sure you see the entire document from corner to corner.

Step 7 – After submitting your proof of Identity & proof of Address, management will review your documents and within 24 – 48 hours you will be able to log into your back office and see that the yellow box ‘waiting verification’ will now be a green box that reads ‘Verified’.

NOTE: If you’d like to speed up the verification process, you can get on a Live Chat with management by clicking on the “green circle” on the lower right hand corner of your screen. Let them know that you have submitted your documents and you wish for them to confirm your Identity proof and also your proof of Address. NOTE: They are closed Saturday and Sunday.

IMPORTANT – After you have completed all the steps above your verification is processing. You do NOT have to be verified to fund and purchase your package. Follow the steps below to proceed.

STEPS TO FUND YOUR ACCOUNT (Take your time and follow instructions precisely…it will be well worth it)

Step 1 – Click on this link: and log into your backoffice.

Step 2 – Fund your account by clicking on ‘Account’, choose the option ‘transfer money’. Currently they are accepting Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Bank Transfer, ADV Cash and OkPay. They will be adding more payment options soon.

Step 3 – Click on ‘Dashboard’ and buy the package you wish to purchase. I recommend getting the ‘Yellow’ package or above. NOTE: The ‘Standard’ 90 Euro package ONLY pays once a year after 365 days – Do NOT use that package. My strong recommendation is to buy the ‘Yellow’ 270 Euro package, or higher, which pays weekly for 52 weeks. Remember…the higher the amount and package you choose…the bigger your returns will be.  Make sure to add an addition $5 Euro depending on the exchange rate for that day.

FINAL STEP – Once you have become a paid member you now have access to your personal ‘referral link’ by logging into your account here: (it will be located on the upper right hand side as ‘Partner program’).



This link: logs you into your Atlantic Global Asset Management backoffice. Here is where you are able to access your amount invested, buy more packages, profile, news, etc.

This link: logs you into your Questra World backoffice. Here is where you are able to access your referral link, bonuses, earnings, sales, team statistics, commissions, etc.

Thank you for your support!

You may want to note that this business is voted the 3rd best in the WORLD.   See the following link: