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Here is a “write-up” from my sponsor (Jack).

Warning:  This may shake you up!  And I hope it does.

So first off, I want to thank my numerous smart friends with vision.  You are the ones who got it and chose to join us in AI Trades Global.  And thanks especially the ones who have already funded their trading membership and have started to earn and can now refer too.  They are going to be very happy as we go forward, some very very happy.  I’ll show you why this is true below.

The Crypto New Age:
A few key points you should consider…

  • Many of the most wealthy got where they are by Trading.  And Crypto Trading is now the most fertile for changing lives.
  • AI (artificial intelligence) Trading Robots are taking over and now rule Wall Street.
  • AI Trades includes every profitable area of Crypto under a single diversified Umbrella for maximum benefits to members.  We are paid from all of them daily in Bitcoin.  Bitcoin in, and more Bitcoin out.
  • Our AI: We are the first serious operation to introduce machine learning AI Bots into crypto for the general public.
  • Our AI is applied to Trading in…
    • Arbitrage – works in every kind of market,
    • Coin pairs,
    • Crypto Margin trading,
    • Plus AI daily mining choices for max results,
    • AI assisted research and action with ICO’s and Alt Coin trading.
  • Our new Crypto ATM’s are custom built in our new, fully owned, factory which is capable of producing up to 2000 units per month. With their own custom software, they are designed to handle a choice of up to 8 coins and fiat cash money.
  • Our professional IT development team consists of 400 of the brightest and most talented members recruited from around the world.  They are at the heart of AI live supervision, non-stop ongoing research and development for our AI bots and operations, and to open up new areas to develop.
  • We have a permanent professional Legal Team to ensure international legality and compliance.
  • We are Licensed in the EU nation of Estonia.
  • 24/7 live support via Telegram, FB, Tickets, and more in many languages.
  • AI Trades has invested 8 months and millions in the ownership of our buildings, into high tech and more to bring us to where we are today, even in this Pre-Pre Launch time.  AI Trades has a very clearly long-term plan for success.
  • Today’s Crypto is where average people can most easily and greatly transform their financial lives. I personally saw it create many millionaires last year, and AI Trades leaps far beyond what we had then and has built-in longevity.
  • I have personally known the CEO, Joff Paradise, for almost 30 years and I have great trust in his honesty, integrity, and capability.
  • Am I AI?  Maybe:  I’ve been involved with crypto since bitcoin was around $40 usd per coin.  I have been earning online for over 20 years, and I have learned a lot about the good and the bad, what can work and what cannot, and why in that time.  I keep learning, like AI.  At this point, I consider myself to be fairly expert.  So, it makes sense to pay attention to what it has taught me and attempt to share with you.

Things you want to know –

Costs and Passive Earnings:
These depend on the Level you choose.  Payments in and out are entirely in Bitcoin.
The higher levels can earn more both passively and from referring.

Level 1, from 0.01 to 0.99 BTC plus license at $49.99 usd
Level 2, from 1.00 to 2.99 BTC plus license at $99.99 usd
Level 3, from 3.00 to 4.99 BTC plus license at $149.99 usd
Level 4, from 5.00 to no limit BTC plus license at $199.99 usd

Passive Projections:
Beware – It is early to project passive earnings due to the ongoing bot development and a small sample to judge by due to the newness of the project.  However, with that caveat in place, the company projects as follows:

For levels 1 through 3: from 1% to 3% daily.
For level 4: from 1% to 4% daily.

Yes, Automatic Compounding is available and you can turn it on and off at will.

The system is designed so everyone is in profit, even 100% passively.

We win and earn from every company activity, a way to be massively diversified in crypto!

  • Sales of ATM’s:  buy them and set them up to profit in your region.
  • Profits of ATM sales are split 10% direct to seller and 90% to the membership
  • AI bot arbitrage trading
  • AI bot crypto pairs trading
  • AI bot margin trading
  • AI bot controlled daily selective coins mining
  • Alt Coin AI controlled trading
  • ICO participation for the most promising ones
  • And members who REFER win from a massive comp plan that pays 5 ways.

Pre-Pre-Launch Blues?
The platform is in Pre-Pre-Launch, so anyone coming in now is at the TOP, the place most dream of being in a dream company.  However, this stage of development also means that some things may still be missing or could create errors, so be happy and don’t worry or fret.  Things are already great and will become a lot more so going forward.

Yes, it all starts with vision.
But remember, it takes Action and three things to create wealth: 

1. Money, more of which makes more of it.
2. Work, it creates value directly and can help number 1.
3. A great company that’s done right.

The company gives you number three.
You have to give number 1, and you are well advised to do number 2.
Now is the time to take action:  Put yourself right at the top.

Learning more and getting in: 

Use my link below to learn and explore on our site, simply dismiss the registration form to explore.

My Advice?
Watch the videos, read this over again, think and consider your future, then act.

Learn much more after you join, login, click on profile and then click on “support” on the top menu bar.

My link –
Be sure harris is your referrer on the reg page, you may need to re-load my link to ensure you see that after exploring:   Harris’ Referral Link

Take a good look, and remember the site is being updated constantly now and you may see new items there every few hours.

Enjoy the ride, thrive and prosper, create a legacy and enjoy a better life.  Let’s share all that for a better world.

PS:  You may want to save this email for your own edits that you can send once you have registered and paid into the system.  Only paid members receive referral links.

PPS: Crypto Resources?
If you need bitcoin/crypto resources, like sources of them, this page can help:

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