Here is one of the most exciting things I have been testing and researching.  I think it may be of interest to you too.

Despite the bloodbath in recent crypto markets, cryptos continue to offer the most amazing potentials, so they rightfully grab the most interest and excitement.  The pace of crypto development is mind-blowingly explosive now.  AND it’s growing at exponential speed.

One thing stands out strongly, ARBITRAGE trading can win in any kind of market – upward, downward, or sideways.  This offers great potential if you know how to harness it, and I have found the way.

Arbitrage Crypto Trading on the ETH Blockchain –

My testing and researching of this suggests very strongly that we may have a MAJOR WINNER.  Read on…

We have two major things here:
>> Automated Arbitraging Bot, with a partially manual bot coming soon.
>> A new ERC-20 token (Ethereum based)!

This can win in any kind of market.  There are a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges.  There are variations in the prices for coins on them, sometimes large enough to be of serious interest to the trader.  In such cases we have a great opportunity to…. Buy low, sell high:  This kind of crypto arbitraging does exactly that.  It tracks the price of a given coin, like BTC or ETH, on a variety of exchanges, finds good differences in price among them – say around 7% or 10% – and sells high and buys low when the difference is appropriate.  Doing this most effectively requires server power, a good bot to analyze the options continually, a lot of funded accounts, some of them in local currencies like the Korean Won or others.  In other words, the most reasonable approach is with adequate funds and specialized software.  That’s what we have access to now.

So we have a proven fully automated bot at work and another partially manual bot that is about to be released – likely within days to a couple of weeks of writing this.  The ABot, fully automated, has been making an average of just under 1% daily, 7 days per week.  The partially manual bot has been making a lot more in beta tests.  I’ve heard between 7 and 10%, at least sometimes.

This is an Ethereum and Erc-20 (Ethereum) token operation.  You deposit Ethereum and then purchase ARB tokens on the site’s internal exchange (they are also on external exchanges, currently two).  Then you can place the ARB’s into the bot, or you can simply hold (HODL) them as they are exploding in value these days and are widely expected to make spectacular gains.  (I first purchased ARB at around 56 usd cents around 14 days ago, they are currently over $4 usd as I type this.)

Some of what I like here:

  • We have full control of our funds.
  • You can withdraw any or all of your ETH / ARB at any time.
  • The Ethereum network is fast and cheap.
  • ARB has explosive upside expectations, already shown to be justified, with many expecting rises in the order of 10x to 100x or more.
  • The ARB value is tied to ETH which is expected to rise too.
  • You can withdraw ARB from the bot as you wish and HODL if that seems more profitable.
  • Fees are negligible all around.
  • The bots have been shown at work on the blockchain and seem to be 100% real.
  • While there is a modest 1 level referral benefit, this is NOT mlm or networking.
  • ARB is also trading on 2 external exchanges at the moment with more coming.
  • The development team is totally transparent and available.
  • 24/7 Support is available on Telegram, as are ARB price updates.
  • Everything suggests serious long-term development plans by serious dev’s.

1.  You will need an Erc-20 Wallet for sending and receiving your ETH and tokens.  Recommended is the industry standard Chrome extension Metamask.  Learn about it, how to use it and install it from here (there are also loads of tutorials for it on YouTube):   

2.  You will need ETH.  A commonly used source is the Coinbase exchange, although you can trade for it on all major exchanges which may be better.  I use Exodus because it is my favorite for easiness, safety, convenience, and safety.

3.  Register on with my link (please) – you will need an ETH wallet address when you do so:

A personal note:  Any referral benefits to be had are very small BUT the passive income to the members has been extremely good.  I pass along this information primarily because I know that you like passive income and not for the referral benefits.  Yes, I do want you to succeed as a passive member just like me even though you may not be a successful recruiter.   Sharing is strictly optional.

The site will insist that you use Google Authentication.  Set it up on your phone.

4.  Arbitraging Website – read the white paper, check the roadmap, and get full info:

5.  Follow the easy steps: 1.  Send ETH to the address on the site (Deposit tab) when logged in.  2.  Send your ETH to the internal exchange from your Wallet tab and buy ARB’s.  3.  Transfer them to your Wallet.  4.  Hold or add to the Abot.  May be best to HODL for now and see how far up it goes.

NOTE – why it is BEST to move now:
As I write this (July 2, 2018), the ARB is trading just above $4 usd.  A short time ago it was around 50 to 60 cents usd.  It has recently traded as high as $7.  There is a generally upward trend and value is generally expected to explode once the Mbot – manual bot – is released soon.  Many think the ARB will be at 30 to 50 to 100 usd or more in the coming months, and these are respectable expectations.  Getting in now should get you ARBs at a price that may never be seen again.  Up to you.  And, and of course, you should do your own research and make reasonable decisions.  They are yours alone.

Let’s all be smart and responsible –  Let’s embrace opportunity – Let’s spread happiness and prosperity.

Wishing you the very best,