OK, I don’t want to shock you are scare you BUT you just have to view the following video if its the last thing you ever do.  Once you view it you will know why and you will thank me for encouraging you to do so.  Watch this video over and over until you completely see the BIG PICTURE.
If earning $80,000 per month is not for you then that is OK.  Just use BFT to pay your bills and be happy.
People are on their way to becoming millionaires with this simple team effort and you are personally invited to jump aboard.
Now is the time to get ready if you have not already done so.
1.  You need a bitcoin wallet.  The two that are acceptable are and
2.  You need a minimum of 0.10 bitcoin in your wallet to get started. Note that the value of bitcoins is steadily on the rise.
After joining and making your first “pay-it-forward, you need to share the video: with everybody you know with every means within your power.  The world is now yours for the taking! 
Before you say no to this invitation, I want to ask you only one question…..Did you notice that there is NO company making money in this opportunity??? 100% of all funds is given to the members.  This invitation is simply people helping people achieve their goals.  It is true that….YOU can have anything you want in life if you help others get what they want!
In other words, Bitcoin Funding Team is not a paid company.  It is a group of team members united to help each other achieve our dreams and goals. You are privileged to be invited to join our team.   Join and leverage BITCOINS to set you free.  This is your chance!
Plus, me and my heavy-hitting upline will be doing massive mailings and advertising to help you acquire some spill-over along the way.  We’re helping you build your team and the only thing you need to do is share the video to as many people and places as you can each day.  We do the rest.
So, don’t waste another day.  We are a team and we want to help you.  Just ask and we will help whenever possible.
Don’t worry about selling anything.  Just let the video explain the strategy and the comp plan and then have your prospects email us if needed.

Once you are ready to signup and make some REAL money,  you have two options, you can signup as instructed in the six steps below OR if you think that you will need help getting at least two referrals, then (before joining) contact our team partners listed on Skype…Randy’s skype name is:  rrm7777 and Jordan skype name is: frequencyhealer.  Randy’s phone # is 518-536-6147.

Make sure that you tell them that you are in Harris DesOrmeaux’s team.  Make sure that you upgrade your account within 48 hours from joining or you will be removed from the system. Make sure that you have at least 0.10 bitcoins in your wallet BEFORE joining.  Make sure to upgrade or you will not have a referral link.  And without upgrading with 0.10 bitcoin you will not be able to have anyone placed under you and new people will go under someone else.  This is extremely important.  Keep in mind that it only takes a total of 62 people on your team for you to earn the full potential of $80k monthly income.  Even if you think that you cannot refer anyone, don’t skip this one.  Our team is determined to make you and your team successful.

If you are ready to go for it without help from above then jump in now by following the steps below:  By the way, you are welcome to use both options simultaneously like I am doing.
1. Sign up here:  (this link belongs to one of my downline)  (fund your bitcoin wallet first with a minimum of 0.11 bitcoins) All NEW enrollees are required to enter their bitcoin wallet address in the rigistration form at the time of sign-up.  
2 .Invite me to be “friends” on Facebook.
3. Go to Facebook and join Bitcoin Funding Team Global Leaders.
4. Click “How To” on our website menu and watch the simple instructional videos.  It’s all done for you.
5. Make your first upgrade (pay-it-forward) with 0.10 bitcoin.
6. You are welcome to edit this same invitation with your referral link to invite your team to join this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I cannot emphasize how much we need this team to help us make it big in this world.
I want you to know that I have been abundantly blessed with the best “portfolio” that I have ever had in my 13 years in this arena.  Join me and let’s take advantage of our blessings while the opportunity is within our reach.
I am counting my blessings and wishing you the very best,
Your host,
Harris DesOrmeaux