Crowdfunding Guaranteed

I have a special message and a special invitation for you.

As you already know, I firmly believe that the “Founders” business will become the finest business in the world.  However, I want to tell you that I am presently faced with the fact that I am going through a period of NO INCOME due to several reasons.  Let me try to explain.
1. “Founders” is taking much longer to launch than I had anticipated.
2. After earning a substantial income for several years with LikesXL, they have stopped paying us with fiat money and started paying us with worthless X12 cryptocurrency.
3.  Project 21 (UGI) has placed all withdrawals on “pending” and making it impossible for us to collect our earnings.  
Even after such bad experiences, I am more determined and excited about our future than ever. 
Naturally, if I knew that “Founders” would launch within the next 30 days, I would not be concerned about earning another income.  I already have a substantial amount of income earned due to the many of you who have already joined me in “Founders” which is the first part of the business.   However, that money will not be paid to us until the second part launches.  That is the big question….we have no idea when the “second part” will be ready to launch.  It could be a couple of weeks or it could be several months.
Meanwhile, I do not want to go without an income for possibly several months when we could be doing something profitable, easy, and affordable while waiting on “part two” to launch.  Plus, one of the benefits of being a member is that it will have the ability to promote as many businesses as you want (all done-for-you).  So, whenever “part two” launches we can simply let it market our new business with the click of a few buttons.   “Part two” will also have the ability to build any other business which you may be participating in.  This is definitely a win-win situation for all of us.
OK, so let’s talk about how I plan to raise money while waiting on “part two” to launch.
I have decided to start promoting and I hope that you will join me.

There are many crowdfunding projects currently available online.  In my opinion, this is the best one for the following reasons…. 

1. Affordable at only $29 (one-time out-of-pocket) to participate with $25 refunded back to you in order to place you on the first Tier – Silver $25

2. Totally automated… meaning there is no need for members to have to confirm receipt of their contributions. This is a very professional platform with a well established admin team. 

3. Direct payments to your wallet account.

4. Automated re-entries to support new members coming in

5. Each member receives 6 contributions to qualify to upgrade to the next level. No member will be able to proceed to the next level until they have completed their current level. 

6. Payment to join can be sent via credit or debit card or Bitpay wallet.

7. Commissions paid to members are sent via Pay Pal or Google Pay. 

8. Follow your sponsor system

9. Spillover available from Sponsor and other members above.

Members are earning and they haven’t referred anyone yet!

Here is my link:  

There is a video on the homepage that will give more details. Take the time to watch this video. 

Please give this a serious look. This thing has the ability to create thousands of dollars daily in record time.

I think you will love this program!  It’s Affordable, Easy to generate income, and Automated.

You can earn passively or actively.  As you already know, you can earn more if you help.  

Hope to see you on board.

Harris DesOrmeaux