This is our newest and very exciting offer which I think will be just as good as or even better than USI-Tech as soon as I can provide you with some of my personal results.   I deposited $3k with them (Nov 29, 2017) to begin testing and gain experience with their platform. They are now paying me 1% per day.  The objective is very simple….just keep earning 1%/weekday until you have doubled your money.   Select the “level” you are comfortable with and start earning passive income immediately.  Your earnings are deposited directly into your wallet of choice when you have 0.03 btc earned without the need for you to request a withdrawal.

Here are my two referral links:

For a more complete description of this fantastic “offer” please click on the following link:

Directions when joining with the option of 3 positions after signing up and paying for your top position:

  1.  Wait for confirmation that your payment was accepted and your account is active.  You will receive confirmations by email.
  2.  Log into your back office and click on TREE VIEW then BINARY GENEALOGY in the dropdown to see your initial position.
  3.  On that same page look to the bottom and make sure that your binary is set to the LEFT and then click on UPDATE.
  4.  Now, click on DASHBOARD and look for your referral link.  Copy it, log out of your account and paste the link into the browser and pretty much repeat the signup process but this time; use a different email address and sign up with your username with a 2 at the end to distinguish it from your first account.  It is advised to use only gmail addresses you may have problems like I did when receiving my confirmation emails.
  5. Make the necessary payment and then check your emails for confirmations of acceptance and created.  Login like before and check to see that your second position has ended up on your left side in your binary as planned.
  6. Make sure to now switch the binary to the RIGHT SIDE and click on update before proceeding to join in your 3rd position.
  7. Please know that the 3 positions is only an option and not required to earn the package daily passive income.