This is not a joke.

As you know, it is NOT April 1st and this is NOT April Fools Day.
I am being dead SERIOUS.
I have some FREE MONEY for you.   Yes, I have heard those words before and that is why I hesitated before making a move.  After consulting with my referrer he confirmed that this is not hype.  This is not a joke.  It is truly FREE money.  YES, I am well aware that nothing is free BUT this is as close as it gets to being free.
All you have to do is download a Google Chrome extension which only takes one minute and then tell them how you want to get paid….by check or Paypal.   Yes, I had heard of Ebates before and many other rebate programs but after trying some of them, I was simply too lazy to use them.  Ebates is different in many ways.  Yes, it is totally free.  No membership dues like some others.  No collecting of coupons or points or clippings of any kind.  No tasks required whatsoever.
And, if you want to collect unlimited referral commissions you are welcome to become an affiliate for free too.  For the time being, you can now earn $25 for every referral that spends a minimum of $25 and your referrals will also collect each $10.  So, why not get paid for what you are already doing anyway? For instance, I have three daughters that order from Amazon almost weekly.  Look at the big savings you can offer your family and friends.
This is so simple, it is not funny.  Just order anything you ordinarily order on the internet and your extension will automatically ask you if you want a rebate anytime you order anything from the hundreds of merchants listed.  You don’t have to do anything to get a rebate.  It watches for you to spend online and it ask you every time you make a purchase if you want to take your rebate.  If you say yes, it does everything for you.  If you select no it will close.  There is no work to do and not a penny in expenses.  You either take your rebate or you don’t.
You are not required to promote it but if you do you will collect a second income.  And, they will send rebates and commissions to your address or your Paypal account without even asking for it.  You can opt not to send the automatic payment and save it up and request a withdrawal later but I am lazy.
Click my link below and take advantage of two great free income sources.
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Wishing you the best,