Most of my friends know that I have become extremely careful about all business.

So, when an experienced smart friend told me to look at this, my IMMEDIATE response was….

NO WAY!  What is he crazy, gone stupid??!!

And I fully expect that you may have the same response to this offer.

But wait, there’s more!  LOL

Since I have known this friend for many years and he has always been cautious and smart, I took a look, ready for the worst.

Then the deeper I looked the more…. AMAZED I became!  Despite the name “Mavrodi…”

Obviously, with the crazy HIGH payouts and speed of it, it HAD to be VERY HIGH RISK.  Except, when you look into it, that seems to NOT be the case!

  • 20% on your BTC in a matter of hours or maybe a couple of days.  Over and over, faster and faster.
  • Fully selectable Auto-Reinvest too – get your seed out first for due caution.
  • NO log in and NO email or any of that unnecessary stuff.
  • Your Bitcoin wallet address gets you in.
  • Just two bitcoin wallets: Yours and the System’s that is pegged directly to you.  With those, you are full-steam ahead!
  • Deposit in ANY amount, from tiny to monstrous.
  • 10 Levels comp plan for referrals.
  • Good, competent help that pops up right on the site.  Just ask.
  • NO Human Intervention Involved, no robbers and thieves.
  • Fully automatic on the bitcoin blockchain, even if there were no website.

A first of a kind?  Looks a lot like Ethereum Smart Contracts, but it is on the BTC Blockchain.  Looks like a new crypto revolution at hand…

So do take a look, DO explore around, then go for it or don’t.

Remember, please, that ALL business is risky and YOU are responsible for what you do.  My ONLY advice to you – and it’s personal, not professional – is do not bet the farm (or your last assets, wife, husband, etc.).

Look here: http://eldor.club/?ref=1Ni3qf2B72DJaWTEuoyA9vHvo2QY5zjcG2

Move the scroll bar on the far right and you will see all the info needed to answer most questions.

Notes –
A few that may help:

The site is quite complete with lots of information and live online help.  Do explore it.  Works in browsers and phones.

You create your account by putting in your bitcoin wallet address!  That address is your back-office entry and connects you into the system!!

The system works with 24 hours Rounds of donations and pays after 24 hours (first time can be up to 48).  You get your principle plus 20% back into your signed up bitcoin wallet address.

In the back office, once you input your BTC wallet address, you will see two wallet addresses, yours AND a System wallet address which is uniquely connected to your wallet.  Funds move to the system wallet and from it to yours.  In and out.  You will also see a referral link that includes your personal wallet address.  Send BTC to the system wallet address.  When you send from your wallet, you can refresh the page and you will see your incoming BTC immediately.  3 confirmations needed to complete. The site includes blockchain records of their transactions.

A Funding Machine?
Most of my friends know I am super confident in the new AI Trades platform.  My Eldorado winnings – some of them – will help to feed my businesses, and make for a stronger and diversified income.  And that is the point of all this silly business exercise – to free ourselves, flourish, enjoy, and to share the benefits as best we can!

Oh, and if you decide to come in and you wish to, sure you can use your own version of this offer – BUT change the link to yours!

Let’s all make this a better world in these strange times.



P.S.  Never use Coinbase Exchange to do business directly with any of your businesses or friends.  They are well known to lock your account and cause hardship to recover your money.  It is recommended that you use Coinbase only to send and receive funds from and to other exchangers such as Blockchain.com and many others.