EXP Asset


This business actually has 9 income streams BUT l am going to try to keep it simple.  You only need one income stream to earn a very good income….. TOTALLY PASSIVE.

I personally recommend starting with only one one investment which is the BINARY PLAN.  The minimum investment is $100 which pays 5 days per week at 1% per day and you can compound your earnings if you wish at $100 minimums.

If you should decide to promote the business, then you will earn a second income.  Just remember that you need a minimum of one member on each side of the binary to start collecting the second income binary bonuses.

There are also several matrix incomes available but they are strictly optional for your future endeavors.

OK, signup, make a deposit & invest a minimum of $100 and start collecting every Friday.  Determine your own income.  I know you love passive income just like me.