I am about to reveal to you an opportunity that will change your financial future forever.

It’s called Freedom Formula and it’s a Private Members Investment Club allowing you to earn anywhere from 10%-30% return on your loan deposit every single month.

The source of funds to pay such returns comes legitimately from the buying and selling of domain names as well as underdeveloped websites.

Certain domain names are bought and the website attached to this domain name specifically developed to drastically increase the value of said domain name, where it then sold for a profit.

Additionally, underdeveloped websites that have been identified are also bought, further developed to increase it’s value and then sold at huge profits.

The concept has been likened to the offline Real Estate industry.

If you buy a piece of land with nothing on it then you build a big fancy house on it then you can sell the end product for significantly more than the land + construction cost.

Similarly , if you purchase an unfinished house or an old dilapidated house and complete/renovate it then the finished house can be sold for much more than it was bought for.

Freedom formula does the same thing but uses Domain names and websites ( which is online real estate ) to achieve huge profits.

Freedom Formula has been successfully making money from this concept for at least 2 years now but only started offering the opportunity to make a loan deposit from January 2017, where it has paid every single member like clockwork ever since.  This has been confirmed.

The company has undergone one change in it’s compensation plan in August 2017 to essentially simplify/further enhance the offer but apart from that, this opportunity is very transparent and has already proven to be very solid.  However, they are still paying everyone manually for the time being.

The company continues to constantly earn more ( much more ) than they need to pay out in interest payments and commissions and funds are legitimately generated from the buying and selling of domain names and websites.

– You can make a loan deposit between $100 – $15,000 per transaction.

– Your Interest on said loan depends on whether or not you are a free member ( no additional fee other than your loan deposit ) or an Elite member ( a twice yearly fee of $997 plus whatever loan deposit you choose to make ).  Keep in mind that the 2nd and following elite fees are paid from your earnings and not from your pockets.  You only need to worry about paying the Elite membership fee one time from your pocket.  This Elite membership fee is now optional.  (see the P.S. at the bottom of this page).

– Free members earn 10% interest on their loans. This is sent automatically to your Bitcoin wallet every month ( your initial loan + your interest ) and then you decide if and how much you want to re-loan. No other benefits are applicable.

-Elite members earn 30% interest on their loans. This is sent automatically to your Bitcoin wallet every month ( your initial loan + your interest ) and then you decide if and how much you want to re-loan.  The Elite fee never goes up no matter how much you wish to lend to the club.  Elite members always earn 30% per month on all funds loaned to the club.  Therefore, your net earnings are always 30% per month on any amount over and above the $1k loan.  Naturally, your net earnings are less on the first $1k because of the Elite fee.  Also note of course that you can always add to your loan at any time to reach your target even faster so it is totally in your control.

Additional benefits include
….. $400 payment for every Elite member directly sponsored by you.
….. $100 payment for every Elite member sponsored by your direct referrals ( this is a L2 commission ).

– Deposits and withdrawals are made via bitcoin.

– Interest payments are made automatically on the first Fridays after your 30 day period is over

– Commission payment are made the first Friday after your direct or L2 referral upgrades to the Elite membership.

– The company is so sure of their ability to create more money than they have to pay out in interest that they guarantee that you will be paid every single month what is owed to you in interest payments and every single week what is owed to you in referral commissions.

thank the person who sent you this offer 

Free members: 10% interest on personal loans, no referral commissions on loans, no referral commissions on Elite Upgrades

Elite members: 30% interest on personal loans, 10% referral commissions on loans made by direct referrals, $400 per Elite membership upgrade made by direct referrals and $100 per Elite membership upgrade made by L2 referrals.

This is not going to be for everyone as there are always people who will fall into one of the following categories:

– For one reason or the other never take action.

– Have been burned so many times in the past that they are not willing to take risks online and if they do, they have unrealistic expectations that money can somehow be earned online without investing and/or taking further risks.

– Always find some reason not to get involved and/or are looking for some “magic program”that can make them a lot of money WITHOUT any associated risk and this simply does not exist.

– Don’t have the money to join any of these programs.

Your risk is minimal as this is a well established paying opportunity and is not some common HYIP. You have total control over ALL of your funds as both interest and initial loan deposit are returned to you every month and YOU DECIDE if to continue or not and in what capacity.


In an attempt at trying to be as transparent and honest as possible to allow you to make the best informed decision that you can, I want to discuss a few things:

1) The program is a private club and you will not find information about it splashed all over the internet as it is not a ponzi and does not require new funds to pay out old members.  It operates in a very lucrative niche market ( for those who know what they are doing and have the funds to do it ) which provides significantly more returns than what is used to pay our interest payments and commissions.

2) The ownership is known to my sponsor and upline and while I am new to joining, my upline has been paid like clockwork ( along with all the other loaners ) since January 2017, when this was made available publicly.  Prior to this, the owner, Tich Darangwa , was already making money with this model since the start of 2106 or maybe even before and simply decided it was time to “scale up” .

3) The program is honestly run and everyone gets paid what is owed to them.

4) All things considered, 30% a month from a program that is not a fly-by-night ponzi scheme and will more than likely be here for many years to come is possibly the best opportunity to date ( past and present ) that we could get involved with.

5) On the flip side, I’ll say that because this is not some slick money scheme , the whole process isn’t as automated as I would have liked and also they altered the compensation plan to make it simpler like I said but a lot of their material still refers to the old compensation plan, which to me is confusing.

6) Don’t expect some fancy back office will bells and whistles as there is none BUT none of that to me is important as long as they run an honest program like they have been doing and people continue to get paid.  I am told they are working on trying to improve things but it is a work in progress.

7) There is an affiliate back office for those who want to recruit others but other than that you simply make your loan , receive an email once they confirm payment ( possibly manually as it takes some time ) and then on the first Fridays after your 30 day period is up YOU GET PAID !!!

8) For those who share with others and have any sort of commission to receive, either from the Elite Membership upgrade or because one of your referrals made a loan deposit, then this is paid out the first Friday after your referral has made these payments and is sent directly to your Bitcoin wallet that you set up in the back office.

So there you have it, the good and the “not so good ” .


Like I said before, I will never be able to please everyone and some people simply seek opportunities online that do not exist, so I expect people to have mixed views and that’s fine.  Some will say they don’t have the funds ( someone who doesn’t even have $100 to start an online business should not be online though ) , some will not take the time to setup and fund a Bitcoin wallet despite essentially everything revolving around Bitcoin now, some will constantly think everything is a scam and some might just think I am full of ( you know what ).

For those who fall into any of the categories above I thank you for your time and as usual, I wish you good luck finding what you seek.

I have accepted all of this but I also know that there are people out there who will take a chance on something that looks like a good investment and this looks like a good investment with a legitimate income stream and a proven record of paying it’s members.

Special Note:  To join as an Elite member you must join as a FREE member first and then join as an Elite member afterwards.  OK?  
Here is my referral link:

Simply turn off the video if you have already viewed it.

P.S.  If you do not want to invest the $997 to become an Elite member, I have a pooled account that you can add your funds to without paying the $997.   Know that this is a pooled account with other members, therefore, you will not have a private account like the elite members.  Just let me know if you are interested and I will manage it for you.

Also, all new Elite members joining after Jan 19, 2018 will earn 30%/month while prior Elite members will continue earning 40%/mo.  Free members will continue earning 10%/mo as usual.  

Also, the company will no longer accept loans after Dec 1, 2018, however, a new venture will be presented to the existing members which is expected to be very exciting.  We have a great future to look forward to.