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I’m sure you have heard about a program called TradeCoinClub. This
advisory is not about TradeCoinClub but I am going to compare TCC
with Gladiacoin which is the program discussed in this advisory…

Please know that I am not criticizing TCC in any way.  I am in BOTH.

Both programs utilize Bitcoin exclusively, just like most of the new
programs we are seeing.

First, if you have not yet viewed this 5 minute Bitcoin overview VIDEO 
you should do so. Just owning Bitcoin could prove to be your greatest
asset during the coming years.

Both programs generate revenue via Bitcoin trading.


Program Comparison


There is a membership fee of 0.05 BTC or about $64

There is also a trading fee of 25% payable every 4 months.

Minimum cost to enter – 0.30 BTC or about $384.00. Of this amount, 0.25
($320) is placed into your trading account. The remaining 0.05 ($64) is a
membership fee.

Members must take a picture of themselves holding a picture ID and then
submit it.

Passive Earnings – 1% per day. It will take 100 days just to break even.

Earnings Are Paid 5 days per week Monday thru Friday


There is NO membership fee. All of your funds are placed into your trading

There is NO trading fee

Minimum cost to enter – Spartacus Level 1 costs 0.05 BTC or about $63.50.
I do recommend that you enter at Spartacus Level 2 which costs 0.10 BTC
or about $140. Those who afford to enter at a higher level should consider
Spartacus Level 3 which costs 0.30 BTC or about $384. At this level you
will earn $8.45 per day or $253.50 per month. Your investment will double
in 90 only days.

NO requirement to submit picture ID

Passive Earnings – 2.2% per day. In just 90 days your investment will double.

Earnings Are Paid 7 days per week Sunday thru Saturday

When you consider everything discussed above I’m sure you will agree that
Gladiacoin offers much more for the average passive investor.

You can take a look at Gladiacoin by clicking on this link……

With Gladiacoin we have a Bitcoin opportunity that is NOT A MATRIX which
allows every member who participates with about $120 or more to double their
money in 90 days or less. No sponsoring required, very simple signup steps and
the program is automated. No one is left behind!

Gladiacoin the best choice for average folks to enjoy totally passive earnings.
Of course, members who take an active role can earn much more via the power
of the Gladiacoin binary network.

Gladiacoin is the simplest program we have ever seen. It is global and performs

Your earnings are deposited directly into

your wallet without asking for it.  That is the way I like it.  

We have a training team and videos in place to support us.

Setting up your Gladiacoin membership and making your first investment could
not be easier. Just a name, username, email address, password and your Bitcoin
wallet address is all that is needed (no confirmation emails or hashtags to deal
with. It literally takes 4 minutes to register and then login to bitcoin to send your
payment in to activate your income… We can sign up the members ourselves in
just minutes.

1. Click on my link >>>>

2. Scroll down to the “CHOOSE YOUR PLAN” section.

3. Note that the SPARTACUS 1 plan does not double in 90 days. I recommend
that you select SPARTACUS 2 (0.10 BTC or about $128) or SPARTACUS 3
(0.30 BTC or about $384). You can upgrade at any time

4. Select your plan and click on the “SIGN UP” link found underneath each plan.

5. Complete the simple form and click on “Buy Now”. The process is automated
meaning that you do not need to submit a hash code. Your account should be
activated in about 30 minutes.

6. Log into your new account and click on “Financial” and select “Bitcoin Wallet
from the drop down menu. Now you will enter the Bitcoin address that you will
use to receive your daily payments and click on “Register Bitcoin Wallet”.

That’s all there is to it. You can now enjoy totally passive earnings. If you wish
increase your earnings you can begin to refer others to Gladiacoin. Your referral
link is provided on the “Dashboard” page. As new members enter into your
Binary Network you will want to keep an eye on your placements and build
evenly. To do this you can change your default leg at any time.

Finally, please review the “Useful Information” section on your Dashboard page.

Team Presentations Gladiacoin

Sun  9:30 PM EST – 8:30 PM CST – 7:30 PM MST – 6:30 PM PST English
Call in1-646-558-8656

M-F  3 PM EST – 2 PM CST – 1 PM MST – 12 NOON PST English
M-F  4 PM EST – 3 PM CST – 2 PM MST – 1 PM PST Spanish
M-F  9 PM EST – 8 PM CST – 7 PM MST – 6 PMPST English
M-F  10 PM EST – 9 PM CST – 8 PM MST – 7 PM PST Spanish
Call in1-646-558-8656

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Best wishes, Harris