Here is our newest offer as presented by my sponsor and edited with my name:

August 7, 2018

Greetings Everyone,

There is no end to the programs I could be promoting. However,
there is no program like the one I am promoting and there is still
time to acquire a Founder’s position. This afternoon, along with
dozens of fellow Founders, I attended a live webinar with the
program developer Ash Mufareh during which he discussed his
vision and his passionate desire to create something truly different
for the masses. My friend and fellow Founder Roger Pepin posted
these comments about the webinar and the program….

Hi Friend

Wow, just got off a founder’s private meeting with Ash. Guys forget
all you know about business, your past success or failures. What we
have in our hands now is a solution to build any business.

I see that many leaders are promoting this daily. Well, on the call tonight most
of those leaders were present. If you knew all that I know and what
is coming you would know why they are putting such a huge effort in promoting this.

This will be a game changer for ALL, when I say all I mean all
regardless of your abilities or lack of…. If you are one that never
had success this is for you. And finally I am proud to be able to
bring a solution to the industry.

This is most likely the best thing you are going to do this year.

I totally agree with Roger and I hope everyone will take a very
close look before dismissing this opportunity. The most frequently
asked question is this….

What are the payment options?

Answer – Bitcoin, Google Pay, Cash App, PayPal, bank deposit/
transfer (Bank of America), Western Union, MoneyGram and
Walmart 2 Walmart.

Please watch this 23 minute presentation posted by
Ash Mufareh….


I’m sure we can all relate to the problems he discusses in
this video. Most importantly, he is presenting a strategy
that is designed for everyone to earn with his new plan.
The key points for those who are not active recruiters are

….Top marketing automation done for you

….Real time guaranteed visitors and sign ups done for you

….Breakthrough products to automate your financial freedom

After watching the video above you can watch this second
video for more information about the founder’s offer.


Basically you have 2 options….

1. Wait for the program to launch at which time you can join
for $25

I will send an update when the program launches in about two weeks.

2. Request a founder’s position for $97 now plus┬ápay $25 at launch time.

In order to do this you can send a message to Ash using this
email address >>>> iprofusion247@gmail.com

In the subject line write “Requesting Founder Position”

In the message body please include the following…

Full Name –
Email Address –
Phone Number –
Sponsor’s Full Name – Harris DesOrmeaux

Watch for a message from Ash which will provide the
payment options. There is a huge advantage for the founders
as you will learn in upcoming updates from Ash and myself.

Important – Please let me know if you move forward with
the founder’s position so I can add you to my team update

As I learned during my hour long phone chat with Ash, he
has huge plans for this project along with a very extensive
and loyal network and resources needed to make it happen
for everyone who joins now as as founder or when the
program launches. My best advice is to join us right now
as a founder and, as soon as Ash confirms your payment,
you can send this same invitation to your contacts.