Let me copy the invitation that I received to join JetCoin below AFTER editing the links to my own. (YOU CAN DO THE SAME)


Hi Superstar! just giving you a heads up and FIRST MOVERS ADVANTAGE on brand new business that I just joined TODAY that I guarantee you are going to hear a lot more about this incredible business!

Paying 1.11% GROSS or 0.55% NET DAILY in Bitcoins! Late last night I got hooked up on a call with 3 industry legends that have made FORTUNES and been TOP EARNERS in there last 5 Companies! These leaders are top notch with DECADES of experience! After the call I hardly slept all night and after checking it all out today it’s PURE GENIUS! I only started this a few hours ago and yes it’s working like CRAZY! 0.55% NET DAILY PASSIVE INCOME!!


Also has an optional binary paying affiliate program that pays up to an unheard of incredible 18% commissions to infinity!!!!!!!


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After last night’s call, you may have questions about Jet-Coin and why I joined up in Jet-Coin with Scott & Brent & Shane and Shay…

I am putting my Jet-Coin due diligence process in writing. I have full confidence in Jet-Coin after many late night talks with Greg Aggesen who is not the master distributor, but rather an administrator who is above the two master distributor positions and shares the top position along with the three owners.

The master distributors (called the “Master Coins”) are Brent Robinson & Scott Chandler, both of whom I have had extensive dealings with over the past 20 years. We can trust both to tell things as they are and to not withhold any facts.

Here are some of the facts that prompted me to put in my own hard earned cash: (I started with 4 BTC ($10,000) and investing the same amount again tomorrow!

1) Greg Aggesen shared with me that Jet-Coin is extremely well financed with several millions in reserve funds. Greg himself has a very high net worth in excess of $60m.

2) Greg Aggesen shared with me that they have in their employ one of the top traders in the world and that he is making phenominal returns trading the top 20 crypto currencies.

3) Greg shared with me that his developer has pressure tested the software and the comp plan. He said they simulated it with 500,000 accounts and it held up perfectly.

4) We have direct access to the master distributors, Scott Chandler & Brent Robinson. Any support issues that may arise can be handled with a quick phone call, email or text message. I have worked directly with Scott & Brent for over 20 years.

5) Jet-Coin Pays a completely passive 1.11% Gross Daily or 0.55% Net Daily.

6) Jet-Coin pays up to 18% per day on the entire volume in the lesser leg of your binary

We are in the process of setting up team landing pages, conference calls, zoom calls, hangouts and even hotel events and presentations! THIS IS JUST THE START!


First open an account (no cost) here…

Then click to invest at your chosen plan level, you can upgrade at anytime.

I recommend anything .10 BTC or above as this will DOUBLE YOUR BTC Investment every 180 days.  Less than .10 does not pay passive income and will not double like all of the other plans.

Here’s a recording of last nights conference call, (4-6-17) be sure to listen closely….

Once you are in email me directly so I can add you to our Facebook group!


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Let me know when you are set up and ready to start earning 1.11% PAID DAILY… 💰💉😀👍

Have a fabulous day

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Get in on this.  I love the fact that they pay our earnings directly into our personal btc wallet.  You never have to ask for your money.  They just keep paying until you double your money, then you can do it again and again.  I am proof that this is REAL.  I am personally receiving bitcoins directly into my bitcoin wallet.

It just doesn’t get any better than this,  IN THE REAL WORLD.  Can you imagine if REAL WORLD investors could double their money TWICE/YEAR.   They would be ecstatic.