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First, I would like to give credit to (Tyron) for creating the info presented below:

 A totally transparent and proven revenue Share opportunity that has not only stood the test of time but has grown significantly stronger will now be coupled and meticulously linked to a powerful and explosive Altcoin mining opportunity.

Welcome to LikesXL and Xpro Mining 
If you have spent any time online then by now you should be craving something of substance that can simply provide you with a Legitimate and Sustainable stream of Daily Passive Income.

I want to get straight to the point as I think you will appreciate the direct approach and me just “giving it to you straight” so here goes.

LikesXl started in October 2015 as a straight up revenue sharing advertising platform which to me was nothing special ( as there were many such platforms out there ) and what made this unappealing at the time was the hype, miscommunication and ultimately the misinformation that was originally shared about Lxl which made it look very suspicious.

Stick with me as it would all be clear soon  🙂

Despite this somewhat iffy starts, the program actually generated a lot of interest and had a very good run with loads of happy members until about a year later when some INTERNAL ISSUES essentially grounded the program to a halt.

This is what is usually expected with revenue share programs as they have a run ( some better and longer than others ) and then they fail.

To be fair, at this point I thought Lxl was over myself and just put it down to another failed program BUT the owner, Peter Kolar, had other intentions.

He worked and worked until he launched a second platform that not only has one income stream from advertising but now has THREE income streams ( Advertising, Auction site and Sports Casino site ) which all generate an actual real income, 80% of which is shared with the membership.

In short, not only did Lxl recover but now they are better than ever and regaining their supremacy with each passing day.

Already the revenue being shared equates to about 0.9% daily which is exceptional in itself and it will only get better.

Now for the icing on the cake….are you ready ???

Peter Kolar didn’t stop there….

Being the man that he is, he was already thinking ahead and recognizing that the cryptocurrency space is the future and that by meticulously linking THE RIGHT Altcoin to Likesxl, not only would he create a HUGE new income opportunity for Lxl members BUT , because revenue from this new opportunity would also be fed back to Lxl, this would ensure that Lxl becomes even more infinitely sustainable.

The Ultimate Revenue Share meets the Next Generation Bitcoin…..WOW !!

Now what is possible is the ability to earn a totally passive income from the rev share side of things simply by viewing 5 ads a day and receiving your daily AVI ( Ad View Incentive ) and compound your earnings into something very substantial with the assurance that this opportunity has been tried and proven to be one that will stand the test of time, even more so with not one, two or three genuine income streams but FOUR !!!

On top of this, you need to understand and recognize that there are certain key times online when being at the right place at the right time and actually taking action can change your financial future and your entire life.

I believe that with this new mining opportunity that I will explain more below, this is certainly one of those life changing opportunities.

 See below for more details on both LikesXL ( The Ultimate and proven revenue share opportunity ) and Xpro Mining ( a seriously once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from past inaction when bitcoin started ( HUGE MISTAKE RIGHT !!!) and take action with the totally upgraded and next generation Bitcon coin ( DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AGAIN !!! )

Here are some of the key points that usually run across people’s minds….



Apart from above we now know that there is a 4th income stream with the mining opportunity to come and also you should note the following
  • Packages cost 10 euro and expire at 11 euro each time earning you a 10% profit.
  • Currently each pack returns a 0.9% AVI per viewing day.
  • Required to watch FIVE 20 second ads daily to earn your AVI.
  • Compounding possible and recommended as your packs and thus your earnings grow very quickly.
  • Easy to fund as Credit card, wire transfer and Bitcoin are available options.
  • Affordable to all as 10 euro gets you started but ideally you need to buy 20 packs ( 200 euro ) to gain access to the mining opportunity.
  • Extremely easy withdrawal possible by a cash card and very soon an internal ewallet linked to a debit card and Bitcoin.
  • Tried and proven model..They stumbled, recovered, learned from mistakes and currently are even stronger and more sustainable than ever before.
  • Totally transparent ownership/ management.

This brilliant exclusive Cryptocurrency business will not only give Bitcoin a run for it’s money, but will only be available exclusively to the 1st qualified people during the pre-launch phase that ends on August 12th… and then it’s opened fully to the public.

This coin (whose name will be revealed after August 12th) has been researched extensively for over 6-months to be comparable to Bitcoin, and is limited to a quantity of 18-million compared to 21-million of Bitcoin. 

Because there is a finite number of coins to be mined, the value can only increase, so the real potential to be equivalent to Bitcoin’s purchasing power is very sound.

IMAGINE IF YOU HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE THE 1ST TO MINE BITCOIN! Well you now have the exclusive opportunity to do that before the public knows about it and jumps in front of you.

Being able to access the mining packages and coins allows you to earn from the increase in value that your mining packages will accumulate, AND a way for you to grow your money, and earn passively without sponsoring a single person to earn!

It’s simple. The 1st people in, get the fastest mining capacity.
If you are in 1st before a coin launches to the world, that’s massive earning potential!

Once this launches, it will grow very rapidly and only qualified individuals will have access to get their hands on mining packages the moment they launch, before the public!

The coin starts at 1 cent and will rise in value very quickly… What if you got this coin for 1 cent and within 5 to 6 months it’s at 15 euro? AND what if it continues to grow to where Bitcoin is today?

The return on your money would be astronomical if you are wise enough to act on purchasing mining packages while they are at 1 cent… can you just comprehend the massive value? OR, imagine if you had gotten Bitcoin when it was 1 cent (now at $2665)!

  • This is not some useless fake coin that has no real world value but rather it has been thoroughly researched and is a third party coin already in existence.
  • It’s a modified and upgraded version of the Bitcoin technology and it is touted as the “Next Generation Bitcoin”
  • It has been properly developed and definitely has a purpose and real world value as you will soon find out at launch.
  • The coin already has the backing of 100 million dollars and counting from huge umbrella organizations out of Dubai who want this coined mined so that they can use it themselves.
  • The only way to get FIRST MOVERS ADVANTAGE and start to mine this coin first is to QUALIFY and you qualify by having at least 20 packs in LikesXL before August 12th, 2017.
  • Those who qualify then have between August 12th-14th to purchase their mining packs.
  • Those who do not purchase their packs within this interval then need to have 50 packs in Lxl in order to participate in the mining.
  • There is a special incentive bonus for those who see the golden opportunity with XPro . Those who purchase 500 packs in Lxl before August 12th will gain 10% more mining power/capability during their mining period.
  • Mining packs will range from 100 Euro to 100,000 Euro and this will determine what length of time you are allowed to mine the coin for.
  • For those who want to remain totally passive then you earn when your mined coins increase in value ( more than likely substantially over time ) and then you can trade them for profit.
  • For those who share with others, their is a ranking system based on team volume that allows you to earn anywhere from 5-18% on your teams mining/earnings. There is also a matching bonus opportunity that will be explained in more detail soon.
  • The coin will be available for general release on September 18th.
  • A lot more information will be released on or by August 12th so get qualified and get ready !!!


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Warm Regards and please use the same LikesXL sponsor which you may already have.