Greetings Everyone,

Here is another program that utilizes Bitcoin only. If you do not have
a Bitcoin account you should acquire one. Bitcoin is quickly becoming
the payment processor of choice and we are seeing many more programs
which use Bitcoin exclusively. The cost to send bitcoin transactions is
fractional when compared to most of the payment processors we are
familiar with.

The name of the program is MMM RETURNS

Everyone earns without any personal sponsorship requirements.

Those who refer others earn more!  You can also sponsor yourself

and own multiple positions.

The last venture Sergey Mavrodi launched grew to millions of users

MMM RETURNS is starting to gain traction and momentum and the
main reason is that anyone who joins and makes a deposit will get .5%
from the 50 people above them on EVERYTHING the upline earns
EVERY day as per the following requirements:  (See copy
of my list of 50 below).   No referrals will automatically give you .5% of 10

upline member’s income.  One referral will qualify you to an addition 25

upline members and 2 referrals will give you a total of 50 upline members.

You will earn 3% per for 50 days on your deposits. In addition there is

Binary and Level commissions and also Matching Bonuses on personal

Grab a spot in this asap and you will be among the first to appear in my

….Deposit any amount from 0.05 BTC (currently about $62) up to 1 BTC

per position. (currently about $1250.00) and start earning 3% Daily for 50 days.
This is a 50% return on investment every 50 days.

….One simple daily task which takes about 10 seconds then you get paid
for that day!

….Get paid a share in potentially ALL the profits that I and 49 others in my upline
make daily!

….Get paid 2 X Infinity Binary Commissions up to 1% through unlimited

….NOT Peer To Peer Means NO waiting for confirmations, fake screen
shots, hash code entries, etc.

….Withdraw multiple times per day with no limits.

….Get paid 5% matching bonus on personal referrals

Simple Steps To Enroll

1. Click here……   http://MMMReturns.Com/registration.aspx?ref=R9639269

2.  Make sure Sponsor ID displayed is  R9639269

3. Choose “RIGHT” from the Position drop-down window

4. Complete the simple form making sure to add your Bitcoin Address
correctly.  This is where you want your withdrawals to go. 


6. Watch for your “REGISTRATION CONFIRMED!!” message to arrive
right away.

To Make Your First Investment

1. From your dashboard click on “MAKE INVESTMENT”

2. Select “BITCOIN PAYMENT” and click on “Proceed”

3. Enter any amount from 0.05 BTC (currently about $50) up to 1 BTC
(currently about $1012.00) and click on “Invest Now”

4. Carefully copy the Bitcoin address displayed and transfer the funds
from your Bitcoin wallet.

5. Click on “I Have Made A Deposit” and watch for your investment to
be displayed on your MMM Returns dashboard page under “TOTAL
INVESTMENTS”. The time it takes for your investment to be displayed
will vary depending upon the volume of Bitcoin transactions. It may show
up in minutes or it may take hours. It took about 2 hours for my investment
to show up in my account.

Here is the list of 50 members above me. As they grow their accounts
my earnings will increase accordingly…..

S.No-Member Id-Invested BTC Amount
1     R8743934     0.05000000
2     R5631565     0.05000000
3     R3442124     0.05000000
4     R3225436     0.10000000
5     R9532729     0.20000000
6     R4771229     0.05000000
7     R1449231     0.05000000
8     R8847372     0.05000000
9     R3396425     0.05000000
10     R3713724     0.20000000
11     R1647188     0.14500000
12     R7593748     0.15000000
13     R1572331     0.15000000
14     R1571315     0.05000000
15     R6287236     0.05000000
16     R2922445     0.20000000
17     R8442229     0.05000000
18     R5713228     0.05000000
19     R2175613     0.05000000
20     R5762139     0.05000000
21     R5671127     0.05000000
22     R9664912     0.50000000
23     R9163536     0.10000000
24     R5434411     0.05000000
25     R6296428     0.05000000
26     R5433626     0.05000000
27     R6515953     0.05000000
28     R5967756     0.05000000
29     R2866387     0.05000000
30     R7936554     1.00890000
31     R3174415     0.20000000
32     R9533622     0.05000000
33     R8943747     0.15010000
34     R8877954     0.05000000
35     R7734718     0.10000000
36     R8252753     0.15000000
37     R8545796     0.05000000
38     R3233599     0.10000000
39     R5842684     0.51000000
40     R9936558     0.07600000
41     R3877174     0.15000000
42     R4545326     0.15000000
43     R8793545     0.28000000
44     R4833453     0.70000000
45     R7775368     0.05000000
46     R5116593     0.05000000
47     R3182658     0.10000000
48     R7147893     0.15000000
49     R5847151     0.15000000
50     R2819744     0.15000000

Your list of 50 will appear as soon as your deposit is confirmed
and listed in your account.

In addition to the income from the 50 member list we earn….

….3% daily on our own investment
….Binary income
….Level income
….5% matching bonus on personal referrals

Very Short Tutorial Videos

How to register for MMM Returns

How to make an investment

How to complete an online task

How to withdraw your earning in BTC