YES, have I got something for you!  At last, BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY that should make your life much easier and much wealthier.
Ethereum Smart Contracts and Artificial Intelligence meet to produce something that we haven’t even dreamed of it yet.
Put in Ethereum
Take out Ethereum
Total control of your funds
This is unheard of and nothing like this ever offered before.  I am told that it has been earning from 1 to 2%/day (profit).  That is more than USI-Tech, TCC and several other programs all put together and with much less risk.  This has to be a dream come-true for those who love 100% passive and residual income without ever referring anyone.  Of course, you can earn even more with the option to refer.
Are you ready to change your life?  If yes, then let me tell you what this magic is all about.
* Automated Artificial Intelligence is unheard of on the Blockchain.
*All transactions like Buying/Selling carry a 10% fee which is automatically paid out to all token owners in the system including YOU.
*Get more tokens and get paid more Ethereum.
*Decentralized and designed to run forever.  Humans cannot shut it down.
*It is so miraculous and passive that it is called POWH (“Proof of Weak Hands”).
*This is your personal earning machine.
*No website can disappear with your money.
*You have total control of your coin wealth.
*No company holding your funds.
*No bots to set up and depend on.
*No MLM with drawbacks such as political manipulation.
*Team building is NOT necessary.
*No tasks to perform
*It is 100% true set-it and forget-it.
Want more?  Just add more Ethereum and earn more.
Refer new members and earn a portion of their Ethereum.
Explore MY WEBSITE to learn much more.
Note:  There is a small learning curve in setting up the Metamask wallet for your Ethereum.
Yes, you need the Metamask wallet for the system to work automatically with the Exchange.
Your Metamask wallet should be running when you are on the exchange site to do business.
Here are the steps necessary for you to start earning.
1.  Get the Metamask Ethereum Wallet by adding the extension to your Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Brave browser.  Click the following link and download the wallet.  https://metamask.io/  After downloading it you will see the little image displayed to the right of your browser bar.  Click on it to see the wallet.  Youtube can help you learn more about the wallet.  Add some Ethereum into your wallet so you can use it after joining the POWH exchange.
2.  Go to my POWH exchange and explore it thoroughly.  This is my referral link:   https://powh.io/?masternode=0x9bdb68b920234dc55f379ce734f4ee662ff78b9e
3.  Then go to https://exchange.powh.io/purchase-tokens  to purchase your tokens and clicking on the wallet image to the right of your browser bar to proceed.
Recommended:   deposit enough to get a Master Node which will give you earnings from direct referrals.  This requires the purchase of at least 5 P3D program tokens.  As I write this the cost of 5 P3D is 0.0605 ETH which is about usd $40 (and rising).  If you put in that amount, you can find your referral link in the exchange under Staking and Masternode.    A further suggestion is to increase your returns by adding an amount which is reasonable for your situation.
Warning:   Of course nothing in this world is guaranteed.   What’s more, I am telling you about something that looks amazing to me and to many others, and into which I have put some funds, but I am not your financial adviser by any means, and any decisions you make are entirely your own responsibility.  Be responsible and thrive.
More info:  You can learn more from the following videos.   Another warning,  please use my POWH link for joiningDo not use the link found on the videos to join or I will not be your sponsor.   Info videos>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-m7QadoWzU&list=PLAH4_BHx3DI7b96jvaJn53t4kRrA-_6ZI
Again, chances are, you will have a little learning curve so please view the video as often as needed and read everything on the POWH Exchange website until you succeed.  I believe that you will be glad you did.
Please let me know if you would like to have a POWH FAQ.
Let’s all thrive and be happy and prosperous.
May you be blessed,