Project 21

SPECIAL NOTICE:  UGI is scheduled to give every member a refund.  Their banking license has been denied and they are forced to return everyone’s investments.  Please see the message below:

The company will make the official statement however this is what came of a call told today that was held with Konstantin Haslauer (CEO) and Melanie Dulcetta (MD).

UGI now JCP Capital has had to close its operations down with immediate effect.

The reasons given for this were that after months of trying to obtain a license to offer the financial program to investors, they have not been able to achieve this.

Management have been advised by their legal team to cease the program offered to investors before legal action could be taken against JCP.

We have been assured that there is sufficient funds available to pay back every investors seed capital, which will be done starting in January.

The procedure will be done through a law firm and each investor will receive an email with the details of their refund amount which the investor would then agree to and within two weeks of acceptance the investor would receive their refund.

It was evident that management were upset with the fact that they could no longer offer this program to investors and that the powers that be once again have managed to suppress efforts to offer higher returns than the usual investments on offer in the market place.

An official announcement will be sent out by the company as soon as the legal team have completed the document.

We have been asked to mention to investors that any legal action taken at this point could have a negative impact on the refunding process.

We are just as disappointed as everyone who has been involved with this program and we thank you for your understanding.

All we need to do now is be patient once again and wait for January for the process to begin.

(This is due to lawyers closing at this time of year)

The full process has been estimated to be completed by the end of March.