Below, please see the invitation to join USI-Tech which I received on April 29, 2017.  Today is June 23rd and I finally made the decision to join after procrastinating all of that time because of all of the fake cryptocurrency trading programs being offered lately.  I wanted to make sure that this one was REAL before offering you another opp that ended up disappearing with our money.

Well, USI-Tech is now proven to be REAL and is being praised and raved about all over the net.  I wish I had joined earlier but I chose to be safe rather than sorry AGAIN.

I hope you will find the information below, provided by my sponsor, to be helpful and that you will join me in celebration of finally finding an opportunity that is REAL and will be with us for a long time.

Invitation from my sponsor begins here…The links have been changed to my own >>>>>>>>>>>>

April 29, 2017

Greetings Everyone,

I joined USI-Tech about 2 weeks ago. Since then I have done extensive
research and, based upon my findings, I can recommend this program
with a very high level of confidence. I believe this will be an excellent
long-term program for those who wish to diversify their passive income
producing portfolio.

Key Features

…100% legit 8 year old company out of Dubai.
….Option to auto compound your Daily earnings from your back office.
( set and forget )
….Earnings are paid from profits generated from legit outside revenue
sources. (with actual proof)
….Very generous (and simple) referral commission structure for Builders.
….Under $55 min purchase to get started. (Bitcoin or Payza accepted)
….Great way to build your Bitcoin wallet for the upcoming Bitcoin boom!
….Excellent team support for our group including Facebook and Skype.

USI-Tech has the option to automatically auto compound your daily earnings
and grow your balance much faster. That is a huge factor in your balance. On
average we make 1% Daily without compounding but when you set up your
auto compounder that % will increase quite a bit. It really is ‘set and forget.’
You could literally set your compounder for X number of days and not have
to log back into your backoffice until then. Your balance will automatically
grow on it’s own without doing a thing.

If you want to recruit, the referral plan is very generous.

Another key factor for growth is members can fund with Payza, not just
Bitcoin. Bitcoin can be a real pain for many who are still just hearing
about BTC so the Payza option is a blessing and get paid with bitcoins.

One thing for sure though is that we do want to get paid in Bitcoin to
capitalize on the Bitcoin BOOM coming this year and the next few years.

Instructions To Join

1. Click here >>>>>

2. Click on “REGISTER” and enter your name and email address. As is
always the case with any program it is best to use a gmail address.

3. Watch for a message with the subject “Account Verification email”
which provides a link to activate your account.  Be patient.  It took me several

minutes before I received my verification email then click on the link found

after scrolling down the page.

Back Office Set Up

1. Log in and complete your profile – (you leave the broker field blank).

2. Click on “Dashboard” and find “Advertisement Link”.  Click on
“Change” and replace it with your username.

3. Click on “Setting” and click on 100% for max. growth.

Dashboard basics video – 4:42 min

Buying BTC Packages – 6:49 min

How to Request a Withdrawal – 4:45 min


…You do NOT need a Broker Account # if you are buying the
BTC Packs

…You do NOT need to purchase the €600 License when buying
the BTC Packs

…You do NOT need to choose a Payment Method for withdrawals
(you can input a Bitcoin wallet address when requesting a withdrawal)

Due Diligence Videos

USI TECH Round Table Call – 31:26 min

USI TECH behind the scenes interview – 20:53 min

USI-Tech info

Recording of weekly call published on Apr 25, 2017

All things considered it is my opinion that your participation in
USI-Tech is one of the best decisions you can make right now
for these reasons….

….Totally passive
….Excellent due diligence results
….Low entry level – about $55
….Realistic ROI – 1% per working day equates to 20% per month
….Auto compounding available to increase earnings significantly
….The return on your purchases should be much higher since Bitcoin
is predicted to increase in value

>>End of invitation from my sponsor <<

DO NOT procrastinate like I did.  Start earning today.

You can always reach me at for help,