I think you know that my 13 years of business experience on the Net has taught me to be extremely selective and to join almost nothing these days – essential for staying away from BS and their losses!  So, this is significant….

Here we go:
It’s FAST and SUSTAINABLE and it even FORCES you to take out all your money – every 2 weeks or month.

It is perfectly in line with our goals of quickly killing debt, and making a strong sustainable PASSIVE income.

  • Choice of 4 Easy Plans – put some in / take more out.
  • Pays up to 50% PER MONTH
  • Entry: From $20.
  • Payment:  Currently by Bitcoin.
  • Exit: Take back ALL your money PLUS Profit after 30 days.
  • GUARANTEED Payout within 48 hours after you claim via Community Fund.
  • SUSTAINABLE – NO OVERPAY. This is a BIG issue. Most such programs collapse because they overpay and people get greedy.  This has INSURANCE built into it.
  • You are FORCED to take out ALL your money upon 2 week or 1 month maturity.
  • NO SPONSORING. It is not required to sponsor anyone, although if you do you earn more.

Here is my referral link:  http://wealthrising.net/ref/harris  

Here is the registration page only:  http://wealthrising.net/ref/harris/register 

Here is the account activation tutorial:  https://youtu.be/kGDJ8lQMGLI  Your account MUST be activated before able to “Provide Assistance” (PA).

Here are more tutorials:  http://wealthrising.net/page/tutorials

I recommend Coinbase as the bitcoin processor to fund your WealthRising selected “Plan” because Coinbase will pay you and me each 10$ if you deposit $100 or more. It may not be much but it is better than those who pay nothing and their service is a full-service processor which includes buying/selling/sending/receiving wheras others only provide transfers and no buying/selling of bitcoins.  Besides, Coinbase is verifying your transactions within 10 minutes whereas Blockchain is taking up to 48 hours at times.  

This opp provides a very low entry level with the most profit available anywhere.  Enjoy!!!

WealthRising is now in full operation on their new website.

Here is how to fund your account AFTER your acct has been activated with the $2 admin fee:   https://youtu.be/Cf_LYFnU3YM