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It was established in 1999 and has both passive and active income streams and pays the passive part WEEKLY!

This is very transparent, has a solid admin staff, is doing GREAT humanitarian work and has a LONG-TERM plan and they are working offline and online.

There is also a conference room.  You can pay using STP and several other methods.

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Note:  I first tried to join using Chrome but it gave me lots of trouble and had to join using a different username, I then switched to Firefox and everything went smoothly.  Please note that my username is strangely spelled because my usual username of harris was reported already taken.

Here are several links for further information:


One of our upline members wrote an excellent write-up which I enclosed below:

14 Years in the making and has been successfully operating online/offline since Feb. 2013

Managed by admin Marelize van Niekerk-Venter and her sons (along with staff) from South Africa

Operates from a physical office and training center.  Initiative is to create personal and financial freedom for its members and help feed children worldwide Utilizes online and offline ventures such as ‘Angel Support Opportunities’ and ‘Micro Loans/Franchising’ to create continual revenue to support both humanitarian and affiliate partnerships
Complies with norms and standards of regulatory bodies on the National and International level

Financially audited by South African National Credit Regulators  Active ‘Kickstarter’ program has a digital product (due in January 2014) and supports humanitarian
efforts (feeding & schooling families in South Africa) and has a $25 one-time fee to join which places you
in a 5×8 Matrix compensation plan

Passive ‘Lifejacket’ program is $25 one-time to register as a member

Earn passively by purchasing ‘lifejackets’ at a cost of $25 each and get paid 5% weekly for 12 weeks

Each lifejacket is INSURED

The 5% is paid on Sunday and you may withdraw up to $1,000 daily to your payment processor

After the 12 weeks your initial purchase is placed back into your account for a 60% total profit (you can
then repeat if you wish)

Each lifejacket uses a 70/30 repurchase plan meaning 30% must go to repurchase a new lifejacket and
the other 70% is withdrawable

Limit of 25k in lifejackets from external funding (no limits on repurchases)

Payment processors include SolidTrustPay, iPayout, Ezybonds and OKPay
How to Get Started

1. Make sure you are using your sponsor’s link and click on the red ‘Join Us Now’ tab
2. Fill in the answers to the TWO secret questions and click the ‘Confirm Sponsor ID’ box
3. Fill in your personal details for the form (you just need to do this once but please READ carefully!)
4. Review your DETAILS and when satisfied, click SUBMIT
5. Click the box to become a FREE member FIRST (don’t pay yet!)

You will receive a confirmation email with a LINK to click on to confirm your new WWS account.

Next, log in and Pay for your Kickstarter ($25) and Lifejacket registration ($25). Once this is complete,
you may purchase Lifejackets for $25 each to begin creating passive income. You may also share the
program with others via your Referral link located on the dashboard.

Welcome Aboard!