Arbitrage Machine

I have something to confess. I am earning some of the simplest and most trouble free income that I have ever experienced. I really feel bad for not sharing it with you sooner, but most of my contacts already know, I am super excited while waiting for OnPassive to launch. I thought sure OnPassive would have launched by now but it has not, so I am NOT going to keep you from earning this easy-money any longer.

I am earning about 15% monthly in profits, 100% passive, and hands-free.

The Arbitrage Machine web pages explain a lot and has a good video showing live arbitrage trading with our developer Phil. The page may be more than you need, so I invite you to directly use my links below.

Telegram How-To Note:
These bots run on the Telegram platform. The apps are VERY simple to use – once you understand the first steps. Click my links. Once on the bot, input /START in the field at the bottom to get going. The bot gives you options and explains it all as you go! You input this exactly to get started: /start

That’s it. Enjoy the ride.

This is the King of Simple.
Deposit and earn every 6 hours, that’s it.

No registration signup or logins needed, and no KYC Snooper State nonsense.
No Fees to get or use the bots.
Very low minimum entry and withdraw minimums:
BTC: 0.01, ETH: 0.03, BCH: 0.01, LTC: 0.01
Earn very good fixed rates 4 times per day.
1.5% daily for 99 days, or in BTC 1.3% daily for 120 days.
Your profits AND capital are returned over those 99 and 120 day periods, so there is no capital release drama.

No user fees, or fees on deposits or withdrawals
No need to work it daily, unless you want to compound, deposit more, or withdraw.
Withdrawals are immediate and automated.
Even daily use on a computer or mobile is quick and simple from anywhere.

4 Levels referral program: 10%, 3%, 1%, 1%

Bots and Chats work on the Telegram app and all functions are just a click away.
You will need the Telegram app installed – the links offer to install if you do not have it yet.
Telegram works, of course, on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Owner / developer, Phil, is always available in the Telegram chat with other Admin support staff:
Arbitrage Machine Chat / Support room
I recommend warmly that you visit this chat and meet our happy community.

AM is working flawlessly since last October 2nd – public launch date – and actively supported by dev/owner.
It is making nice money for everyone from apparently real trading, with no sign of it going away.

I am generally very skeptical, as my friends who send me program opportunities will know – sorry, but I like almost none of them for any of many different reasons!

So it is pretty special that I find Arbitrage Machine very credible from all angles. The trading appears to be real and is credible, the earnings numbers are credible for arbitrage trading, Phil has a very credible presence, obvious command of arbitraging and the system, and he is very available. He has stated in an interview that he expects the platform to last at least 5 years and that the company does not need new money coming in, so we can relax.  Phil is also describing Web Based Version 2 Bots Spin-Off that would launch us into infinity after year 5.

So I am personally happy enough with this program that I just added substantially to my 2 favored bots – BTC, ETH – and I now withdraw a nice income daily. Please note that I have a referral link for each one of the bots:

The following is my bitcoin bot referral link:

The following is my ETH bot referral link:

the following is my BCH bot referral link:

the following is my LTC bot referral link:

the following is the XRP bot referral link:

Always get support from official website

Please DO NOT use this web address to join. Only use my referral links.

That’s about it for now. Another way to Enjoy and Prosper!

PP: Yes, of course, members of my team should feel free to use this page to build their own team – just edit it as you wish to make it your own, and be sure to replace my personal links with your own!