NOTE: Sorry, but this business is only offered in the USA. International members can also participate if they make arrangements WITH ME for a USA address.

YOU, 1000%, must look at this! You and your whole team will make REAL money GUARANTEED.

One of my upline sponsors (by the name of Tom Yatar) is clearing $3,000 to $4,000/day (in cash) …

The SECRET LETTER explains how this all works. 

  1. They have a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.  If you don’t make money you get it back. No one has ever requested a refund in their 4 years of business.
  2. They FRONT/FINANCE your advertising and you pay them back from your earnings.  Of course, you have the OPTION to buy additional mailings at any time you wish, and the cash raised from those additional mailings will go directly to your address.   
  3. They take all phone calls and close your sales.
  4. AND IT’S ALL DONE IN CASH.  The company does all the work and everyone earns money!
  5. There are 7 levels to choose from.  You will receive 200 (financed/ fronted) letters mailed.   All company mailings go out in 10 to 12 days.  No fronted/financed letters are sent when upgrading.

Secret letter here – SECRET LETTER  

I personally joined at level 3 (March 26, 2019) and I upgraded to level 4 (April 5, 2019) with the money that I earned during my first week. I sent my first mailing to my contact list on March 30th.

Honestly, I would be happy clearing only $1,000/day.  How about you? 

Review the SECRET LETTER and join me for a better life. 
There are no referral links.  To sign-up you must complete the last page of the secret letter, make 3 copies, then mail them separately as instructed.

Before closing, I want to ask you a very easy question, if you could double your money (or more) each time you bought some additional advertising, how much advertising would you buy?  Then, without question, you would buy as many additional SECRET LETTER MAILINGS as you can and as often as you can.  And, in a short time, you would have all the money you could possibly want.  RIGHT?   Now you know my advertising strategy!  Join at the highest level that you can, which also qualifies you for mailings financed (fronted) by the company.  Buy as many additional optional mailings as you can to jump start your income, and upgrade as soon as you can until you become a VIP member for the most earnings.   Keep in mind, buying additional mailings is OPTIONAL. You can eventually reach your goals with the financed (fronted) mailings provided with your level of entry and upgrades.

FYI, my second upline sponsor has a large mailing list, and that is why he is earning $3,000 to $4,000/day. Naturally, it will take a bit longer to reach that much income strictly from the company mailings. Yes, I want to be honest with you. Tom has a big advantage over members that do not have a large contact list. If you do not have a mailing list, don’t let that stop you. Admin will help build your business for you with some financed (fronted) mailings, guaranteed.

You can get the personalized SECRET LETTER with your name in Box #2 simply by emailing me after you have received the official Welcome email or have the tracking numbers from your payments. Please confirm “exactly” how you’d like your name and address printed in Box #2 and make sure that I am your sponsor. If you’d like your phone or email to be printed, be sure to include that as well. We are unable to make corrections to the PDF once done, so please be sure to send the correct info. Once received your PDF will be sent within 48 hours.

For additional information, you can log into the company website with the password 12340. Make sure to enter my name Harris DesOrmeaux when asked Referred By. Thanks a million!

Life is Good,

Harris DesOrmeaux