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All purchases are guaranteed with our unique and proprietary Certificate of Collateral. Public stock maintained by ABC Systems is held aside as collateral and guarantees the outcome of every purchase.

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Unique – ie. one of a kind, never seen before.
ENORMOUS income potentials. Fast and safe. Passive and Active.
Total transparency and Longevity designed in.
Safety: A Publicly Traded Company secures our “DOUBLE YOUR MONEY” earnings.

PASSIVE: 2% gross daily in 130 days or less on your own adpacks.

ACTIVE: Direct referrals up to 10% plus another 10% Binary.  Of course, the Active and Binary earnings are strictly optional for those members who want to promote the business.

Launched May 30th, 2019 with new website and complete back office.
Foundation time now, time for action is NOW.
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My sponsor is direct to and works with the multi-millionaire owner, Todd D, and millionaire Felix, our company manager.

We are working in cooperation with a multi-billion dollar industry, that collateralizes (insures) us and pays us.

It’s time for the losses to end. This is our way to make serious money, fast, while all our team members make money too whether they sponsor or not.

Make Your Financial Dreams Come True… But Stop Earning On The Losses Of Others!

You can fulfill your financial dreams without putting others in financial jeopardy or in harm’s way.

All our Packages Are Collateralized! (Insured)

Your Packages Will Earn Twice Their Cost within 130 days or less or the company pays you the difference. All packages are Collateralized by Publicly Traded Stocks from A 15 Year Old Company with Multiple Patents in a 20 Plus Billion Dollar Market. No risk.

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Harris DesOrmeaux